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Are you having Bladder and Incontinence Issues? Well if you are, you’re not alone. There are millions of people like you around the world who suffer silently with these issues. As a mom of 4 and having gone through 6 pregnancies, I was shocked how my body had changed. I hated feeling that I needed to use the bathroom all the time, and couldn’t get a good night sleep due to my bladder. I kept praying for a solution to my problem, and I didn’t want to do any type of surgery. There could be so many complications with surgery and then there is down time and I knew I didn’t have the time to be down. I had my parents and kids to take care of. I continued praying and asking Allaah (God Almighty) for help. It was then that Allaah (God Almighty) guided me to this amazing chair that helps with all of these issues and also gives you many of other benefits. So I did a lot of research on this chair. I signed up for the Emsella chair consultation and decided that I was going to save my money up and INVEST in my body. Alhamdullilah (All praise and thanks belongs to God alone) I went for my first Emsella chair sessions. I felt like my body was definitely moving and I knew that I would never to the kegels or pelvic tilts on my own as I didn’t have the time nor did I remember. By the second one I had told a friend of mine. She was so excited that she said sign her up too. The second appointment we went together. She wasn’t sure if it would work or not either. After the third sessions she called me and told me it has done wonders and that her husband is also much happier.

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